At BilinGO, a private elementary school, we believe that the first four years of a child’s education are most important.


We make it our primary responsibility to offer children between the age of five and ten a nurturing and stimulating learning environment so they can experience their first years of school life with confidence. Our safe and secure learning environment also encourages curiosity and independent and critical thinking. We put great emphasis on the importance of personal responsibility.

The bilingual concept of our school opens up the world to our students by allowing them to discover languages intuitively.

German and English are both taught as native languages. Although we are a private school, BilinGO follows the official curriculum of North-Rhine Westfalia. We aim to support our students in discovering and developing their intellectual, creative and social skills. We strive to meet individual needs and develop intellectual and creative strengths.

Our international teaching team’s open-minded approach has helped create an open atmosphere where the sense of curiosity is cultivated.

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Among others, differentiated learning methods and hands-on work offer many opportunities to investigate new ideas and experiences by connecting and applying them. English is incorporated regularly into classes and everyday school life. Our distinctive teaching teams are able to strengthen and engage our students individually.

We also believe that parents play crucial roles in the formal education of their children, and encourage their help and participation whenever possible. There are a number of opportunities to get involved in school activities from helping to plan carnival events to organizing and leading afternoon clubs.