We offer supervision for children after the regular school Nachmittagsbetreuunglessons are finished.

Clubs are offered Monday through Thursday until 6 pm and Friday until 4 pm.

Children can choose from various clubs. The program changes twice a year and offers a balanced mixture of creative and sports related activities. If a child is not involved in a club supervision is also provided.

Afternoon clubs at school are a great way for children in different classes to work together and build relationships while immersing themselves in the activity of the club. Being part of a club gives the children a sense of belonging to a group and developing their interpersonal and social skills while at the same time working on and improving their ability in the subject matter of the club they are in.

Club registration: Winter 2018

Registration: 17.01.19 till 31.01.19 at 13:00

Clubs start: 04.02.2019

Weekly Club Schedule PDF

Please note:

Club memberships last one half year and can be changed or renewed with the new half year. 

Clubs will only take place with a minimum of 6 registrations.

How can I know when clubs will be happening?

The dates on which no clubs are scheduled can be found in the school calendar.

Afternoon Club Fees and Payment:

There is a 5 -15€ fee per club per week.

For “Internal” clubs, the school will issue a bill, for “External” clubs, the club leaders will issue a bill.

*All collected fees are non-refundable.

Attendance and behavior:

If children are not behaving in their clubs they can be asked by the club leader to sit out the next session. If a child is forced to miss three sessions in the term due to poor behavior then the child may be expelled from the club without a refund. In the event that a child is asked to sit out the next club session due to behavior, the parents will be notified each time.

What happens if the club leader cancels the club?

If a club is cancelled by a club leader on short notice, we will let you know per email as soon as possible. Cancelled sessions will be made up as soon as possible.