Among the primary schools in Cologne the BilinGO-school has a special role due to being an all-day school and offering a bilingual education from first grade on.

Since the children actually spend their whole day with and around us, we aim to use this time in a meaningful and efficient way.

All students are supervised by our competent team during the official opening hours at no extra cost.

We offer a variety of different games or recreational activities in the supervision room or outside on the playground in the morning as well as in the afternoon. Furthermore there are a number of different afternoon clubs to choose from every day.

As well as having a breakfast recess in the morning when the children can eat their packed snacks, we have a warm lunch every day at 1 p.m. The food is prepared by our trusted caterer who has been providing the school lunches for years. After that there is enough time to play and relax before we start classes again at 2 p.m.