Europe Week – May 8th to 12th

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From the 8th to the 12th of May, BilinGO Primary School will be holding a projects week on the subject: „The European Union Over Time.“

After the second world war, people wanted to make sure that there would never be war in Central Europe again. Over the years, they created a community of shared values that today serves many functions. As part of the projects week, grades 1 to 4 will study the evolution of the EU. The aspects that will be looked at by the students include geographic, political and social elements, as well as looking at the countries, and different cultures and diversity that come together and are united in the EU.
Along with the foundation of the EU, laid over 60 years ago, subjects that are relevant today such as the welcoming and integration of refugees will be examined. The students will participate in activities that make them think about how they can bring about positive political change in Europe, and be engaged citizens that are interested in participating in the shaping of a society in which people value and appreciate one another.
The Projects week will produce works of art, food, drinks, as well as informational objects that will be part of a „Europe Celebration“ together with our partner school BilinGO Campus. The Europe celebration will be a culmination of the Primary and Gesamtt school students work, and can be explored and enjoyed by students, parents, teachers and guests. We hope to see you there!